Saint Vitus, I Bleed Black

Live at Maryland Deathfest

Saint fucking Vitus

Saint fucking Vitus

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Pentagram, Burning Saviour

From “Day of Reckoning”

Lucifer lives, it’s no illusion

A vile song, to end a vile day.

Eyehategod, Anxiety Hangover

From “Dopesick”

Happy hellish, corrosive dreams.


Eyehategod, Medicine Noose.

Live at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, New York City on November 27, 2012.

Saint Vitus, Blessed Night (Live)

From “Lillie: F-65”

Blessed, and goodnight.

Good and stoned mornin’

Orange Goblin's entire set at Hellfest.

  • Red Tide Rising
  • The Filthy & The Few
  • The Ballad of Solomon Eagle
  • The Fog
  • Some you Win, some you Lose
  • Acid Trial
  • They Come Back
  • Blue Snow
  • Quincy the Pigboy
  • Scorpionica

It’s being a Stoner afternoon.

Witch, Changing.

From the self titled album.

Saint Vitus performing “I Bleed Black” live 2012-10-06 at Branx in Portland, OR.

Slice me wide,

I Bleed Black.

Saint Vitus

I Bleed Black

Live at Markthalle, Hamburg

Electric Wizard - The Chosen Few

Witchcult Today


Album Art

Eyehategod - Depress

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AlbumIn The Name Of Suffering

I feel twice as old as I am,
And it’s getting worse.
I’m in the palm of habit’s hand,
I can’t escape the curse!

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