Electric Wizard, Satyr IX

From “Black Masses”.


Electric Wizard, Saturnine

From what’s probably my fav album from them so far: “Witchcult Today”


Electric Wizard, Scorpio CurseĀ 

From “Black Masses”.

Doomed dreams and goodnight.

Electric Wizard, Legalise Drugs&Murder

Tune low, play slow.

Goodnight, and doomed dreams.

Black Mass, by Electric Wizard.

From “Black Masses”

Doomed dreams to all of you.


Electric Wizard

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Electric Wizard - Dopethrone

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Electric Wizard, Dunwich. From “Witchcult Today”.

Child of Dunwich rise,
You have your fathers’ eyes.
Child of Dunwich rise,
End the world that you despise!